Mentor Texts

This is an ongoing list of mentor texts to teach various skills, strategies, and traits. All images go to Amazon through my affiliate link.

Ideas for Writing
Aunt Isabel Tells a Good One by Kate Duke
Arthur Writes a Story by Marc Brown
The Best Story by Eileen Spinelli
What Do Authors Do by Eileen Cristelow


  1. Hi! I wanted to pass on a great book that the kids enojoy and does and excellent job of demonstrating the writing/pubilshing process. The Plot Chickens . . . I don't recall the author but the book is not only informative but funny! The main charecter never gives up even though she suffers some discouraging setbacks. Very cute. . . you may want to check it out!
    Jen Hebard
    4/5 Fairfield Elementary
    Eugene, Oregon

    1. I have heard of the title, but am not completely familiar with it. I will definitely look into it! Thank you for the recommendation!